Texas Music Goes To GTMO
U.S. Naval Base - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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December 9 -14, 2002

o Performing Artists

o Other

* Rehearsals 
* Traveling With 13 People And Over 2 Tons Of Equipment - Hurry Up And Wait!
* Blitz 103.1 Radio Interviews With Kristen Loeding
* Naval Base Tour With Hosts Rhett Boren and Mojo Steinman
* World's Greatest Texas Music Fans!
* Award Ceremonies
* Potpourri: An Explosives/Patrol Dog-Iguana Crossing-Chris/Bob/Blake-Spray Painting & More
* Press Release

What An Incredible Experience!  I Want To Extend A Special Thanks To Jay Boy Adams For Inviting
 Me To Participate In This Important Project And To Blake Olson For Making It All Happen!

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