2003 Harpersville Music Festival

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campground_hmf03_cd1_0549 campground_hmf03_cd1_0557 camping_hmf03_cd3_0689 campground_hmf03_cd1_0545
The Crum Family w/ Josh Hankins: (L-R) Kay Crum-David Crum-Josh Hankins-Lindsey Meeks-Matt Crum-Cody Meeks 
crum_hmf03_cd2_0558C crum_hmf03_cd1_0070 crum-hankins_hmf03_cd2_0575 crum-kennedy_hmf03_cd2_0560
Kay & David Crum Kay Crum Josh Hankins (L) & Matt Crum Kay Crum-Rod Kennedy-David Crum
kennedy_hmf03_cd2_0001 kennedy_hmf03_cd3_0006 kennedy_hmf03_cd3_0008 kennedy_hmf03_cd3_0080 kennedy_hmf03_cd1_0005
Rod Kennedy
raffle_hmf03_cd3_0680 raffle_hmf03_cd3_0682 raffle_hmf03_cd3_0683 raffle_hmf03_cd3_0686
Tacoma Guitar with Intellitouch Tuner Raffle
song-service_hmf03_cd3_0005 song-service_hmf03_cd3_0610 song-service_hmf03_cd3_0009 song-service_hmf03_cd3_0616 song-service_hmf03_cd3_0617
Sunday Song Service w/ Kay Kay and Rod Kennedy
vendors_hmf03_cd3_0606 vendors_hmf03_cd3_0620 sheriff_hmf03_cd1_0426 kennedy-williams-ward_0603
Trout Metal Art Sign By 3BG Festival Security Office Rod Kennedy (L)-Jack Williams-Bill Ward
workshop_hmf03_cd1_0489 workshop_hmf03_cd1_0490 workshop_hmf03_cd1_0497
Music/Guitar Workshop w/ Host Jack Williams

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