2002 Kerrville Folk Festival - Week One
Sundown Concerts

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 Ruthie Foster - Cyd Cassone and Friends
foster_kff02_cd5_7717 foster_kff02_cd5_7719
Ruthie Foster
foster-cassone_cd5_7669 foster-cassone_cd5_7675 foster-cassone_cd5_7685
Cyd Cassone
foster_kff02_cd5_0010 foster_kff02_cd5_0025
Ruthie - Cyd and Friends
foster_kff02_cd5_7699 foster-richardson_cd5_7683 foster-corby_kff02_cd5_7716 kids_kff02_cd5_0029 foster-et-al_kff02_cd5_0023
Samantha W. Banks Tanya Richardson Stephanie Colby Fan (?) Cyd (L)-Steve James
Rod-Ruthie-Del Rey
Steve Gillette - Cindy Mangsen and Friends 
gillette-mangsen_cd5_7726 gillette-mangsen_cd5_7727 gillette-friends_cd5_0003 redbone-kelly_cd5_7738 gillette-mangsen_cd5_7733 gillette-mangsen_cd5_7732
Steve Gillette Steve-Cindy & Friends Steve & Redbone Kelly Cindy Mangsen
Lucie Blue Tremblay
tremblay_kff02_cd5_7768 tremblay_kff02_cd5_7773 tremblay_kff02_cd5_7758c tremblay_kff02_cd5_7760  

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