2002 Kerrville Folk Festival
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greene_kff02_cd7_7886 groovelily_kff02_cd9_8299 groovelily_kff02_cd9_8300 groovelily_kff02_cd9_8301 groovelily_kff02_cd9_8311
Cindy Greene Groovelily
hendrix_kff02_cd7_7934 hickman_kff02_cd9_8280 hickman_kff02_cd9_8287 hubbard_kff02_cd11_8592 hubbard_kff02_cd11_8598
Terri Hendrix (L) Sara Hickman w/Kristin DeWitt Ray Wylie Hubbard
jonas_kff02_cd8_8110 lafave_kff02_cd11_8642 lafave_kff02_cd11_8645 larkin_kff02_cd10_8503
Billy Jonas Jimmy LaFave Patty Larkin
madcat-kane_kff02_cd6_7780 madcat-kane_kff02_cd6_7793 madcat-kane_kff02_cd6_7787 madcat-kane_kff02_cd6_7795
Madcat and Kane
paul_kff02_cd7_7916 paul_kff02_cd7_7922 paul_kff02_cd7_7923 pelletier_kff02_cd10_8454 pelletier_kff02_cd10_8459
Ellis Paul Dan Pelletier
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