2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
Music To Life Songwriting Contest: Page 1 of 2

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stookey_kff03_cd8_8395 stookey_kff03_cd8_8411 stookey-sunde_cd8_8501 stookey_kff03_cd8_8415 sunde_kff03_cd8_8488
Hosts: Noel Paul Stookey & Liz Sunde
Winners: 2nd Place-(L) Bob Chabot / 3rd Place-Kate Long / 1st Place-New Middle Class
new-middle-class_cd8_8474 new-middle-class_cd8_8478 new-middle-class_cd8_8475
First Place: New Middle Class
chabot_kff03_cd8_8462 chabot_kff03_cd8_8464
Second Place: Bob Chabot
long_kff03_cd8_8414 long_kff03_cd8_8421 long_kff03_cd8_8417  
Third Place: Kate Long
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