2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
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Staff Awards
awards_kff03_cd13_0022 award-fleming_cd13_0027 award-hurley_cd13_0024 award-huff_cd13_0019
Sue Medley & Joe Montgomery Present Awards
awards_kff03_cd13_0020 award-michaelson_cd13_015 bb-wakefield_kff03_cd13_927
(L) Joe Montgomery-Mike Michaelson
Aaron Huff-Sue Medley
Sue Medley & Mike Michaelson Jason Wakefield
Staff Concert
aa-yarrow_kff03_cd13_9282 aa-yarrow_kff03_cd13_9341
Host: Christopher Yarrow
bartell_kff03_cd13_9321 crowd_kff03_cd13_0044 debochary_kff03_cd13_0029 debochary_kff03_cd13_0031
Shane Bartell Fans Debochary
clepper_kff03_cd13_9296 geoff-herring_cd13_9307 jones_kff03_cd13_9340
Emilie Clepper Geoff Herring Foscoe Jones
klyma_kff03_cd13_0038 klyma_kff03_cd13_9314 klyma_kff03_cd13_0039  
Greg Klyma  
mitchell_kff03_cd13_0042 mitchell_kff03_cd13_9330
Anais Mitchell w/Jonathan Byrd 
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