2004 Kerrville Folk Festival
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bell_kff04_cd4_0032    berkley-hart_kff04_cd1_0020 berkley-hart_kff04_cd1_0017 berkley-hart_kff04_cd1_0019

                       Vince Bell 

  Berkley and Hart  
bissex_kff04_cd3_0035 bissex_kff04_cd2_0352
Rachael Bissex
blue-light-hood_cd5_0585 blue-light_kff04_cd4_0130   bonneville_kff04_cd13_1220 bonneville_kff04_cd13_1222
Blue Light Special   Ray Bonneville
box-set_kff04_cd1_0024 box-set_kff04_cd1_0030 cleaves_kff04_cd4_0007 cleaves_kff04_cd4_0015 cooper_kff04_cd3_0029
Box Set Slaid Cleaves w/ Ivan Brown Dana Cooper
finnan_kff04_cd12_1038 foster_kff04_cd3_0080 foster_kff04_cd2_0363 foster_kff04_cd2_0376 foster_kff04_cd3_0086
Aengus Finnan Ruthie Foster and Cyd Cassone
fromholz_kff04_cd4_0045 fromholz_kff04_cd4_0047 gunning_kff04_cd11_0006 gunning_kff04_cd12_1027 gunning_kff04_cd12_1029
Steve Fromholz Dave Gunning

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