2004 Kerrville Folk Festival
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hearne-m_kff04_cd7_0824 hearne_kff04_cd7_0794 hearne_kff04_cd7_0793 hearne_kff04_cd7_0785 hearne_kff04_cd7_0797
Michael Hearne Bill and Bonnie Hearne
johnsmith_kff04_cd5_0593 johnsmith_kff04_cd5_0598 johnsmith_kff04_cd5_0607 johnsmith_kff04_cd5_0600
joseph_kff04_cd1_0003 joseph_kff04_cd1_0008 joseph_kff04_cd1_0004
Brian Joseph and Friends
                        kimmel_kff04_cd13_0004     lafave_kff04_cd5_0513

Tom Kimmel w/ The Dreamsicles

       Jimmy LaFave

laws_kff04_cd12_1016 laws_kff04_cd12_1018 laws_kff04_cd11_0003 laws_kff04_cd12_1015
 laws_kff04_cd12_1005 laws_kff04_cd12_1019 laws_kff04_cd12_1021
The Laws [John and Michelle ]
 lewis_kff04_cd3_0005 lewis_kff04_cd3_0011
Bernice Lewis w/ Washtub Jerry
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