2004 Kerrville Folk Festival
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lewis_kff04_cd17_1721 lewis_kff04_cd17_0010 lewis_kff04_cd17_1731 lewis_kff04_cd17_1734

lewis_kff04_cd17_1724 lewis_kff04_cd17_0013 lewis_kff04_cd17_1730

Zoe Lewis
  limpopo_kff04_cd17_0065 limpopo_kff04_cd17_0067 meyer_kff04_cd14_0007  

meyer_kff04_cd14_1432 meyer_kff04_cd14_1461 meyer_kff04_cd14_1465

Frankie J. Meyer
pyle_kff04_cd13_1329 pyle_kff04_cd13_1341 pyle_kff04_cd13_1342 pyle_kff04_cd13_1335 pyle_kff04_cd13_1339
Chuck Pyle
tapia_kff04_cd14_1397 tapia_kff04_cd14_1402 tapia_kff04_cd14_1426
Abi Tapia

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