2005 Kerrville Folk Festival
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schwartz_kff05_cd3_0039 schwartz-raffle_05_cd2_0067 schwartz_kff05_cd3_0040
Eric Schwartz
sherpas_kff05_CD1_0033  sherpas_kff05_CD1_0031 sherpas_kff05_CD1_0015 sherpas_kff05_CD1_0035
sherpas_kff05_CD1_0045 sherpas_kff05_CD1_0041 sherpas_kff05_CD1_0025 sherpas_kff05_CD1_0044
The Sherpas
sonia_kff05_cd6_0368 sonia_kff05_cd6_0380 sonia_kff05_cd6_0384
white-jr_kff05_cd4_0092 white-jr_kff05_cd5-2_0035 white-nash-gurvich_0078 white-jr_kff05_cd4_0091 white-jr_kff05_cd4_0093
Josh White, Jr. and Friends
 yarrow_kff05_cd4_0098 yarrow_kff05_cd4_0108  yarrow_kff05_cd5-2_0043 yarrow_kff05_cd4_0099 yarrow_kff05_cd4_0109
Peter Yarrow and Friends

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