2005 Kerrville Folk Festival
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South Florida/Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriters In-The-Round
Host: Dalis Allen
davis-kelly_kff05_cd6_0418 davis-kelly_kff05_cd6_0465 davis-kelly_kff05_cd6_0420 davis-kelly_kff05_cd6_0421
John William Davis (L) w/ Sean Kelly
fure_kff05_cd6_0439 fure_kff05_cd6_0463 garlin_kff05_cd6_0424 garlin_kff05_cd6_0426
Tret Fure Rachel Garlin
jencks_kff05_cd6_0414 jencks_kff05_cd6_0433
Joe Jencks
Carla Ulbrich and The Malvinas
ulbrich_kff05_cd7_0468 ulbrich_kff05_cd7_0474 ulbrich_kff05_cd7_0476 ulbrich_kff05_cd7_0477
Carla Ulbrich
 malvinas_kff05_cd7_0093 malvinas_kff05_cd7_0487 malvinas_kff05_cd7_0491
The Malvinas

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