2006 Kerrville Folk Festival
The Kerrville Blues Project

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george_kff06_dvd4_0003 ball-sultan_kff06_dvd4_0029  ball-sultan_kff06_dvd4_0027  jacobs-strain_dvd4_0008
Host: Stefan George Tom Ball Kenny Sultan David Jacobs-Strain
ball-sultan_kff06_dvd4_0031 ball-sultan_kff06_dvd4_0033 blues-project_dvd4_0820 blues-project_dvd4_0826
george_kff06_dvd4_0004 blues-project_dvd4_0827 blues-project_dvd4_0830  george_kff06_dvd4_0005
jacobs-strain_dvd4_0013 jacobs-strain_dvd4_0018 jacobs-strain_dvd4_0017

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