2006 Kerrville Folk Festival
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  smith-darden_kff06_dvd9_0010 smith-darden_kff06_dvd9_0014 staines_kff06_dvd8a_0103  
  Darden Smith Bill Staines  
spicer_kff06_dvd7_0074 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0021 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0025 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0032 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0047
spicer_kff06_dvd7_0050 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0054 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0056 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0069 spicer_kff06_dvd7_0070
Amilia Spicer
Taxi Chain
trout_kff06_dvd9_1314 trout_kff06_dvd9_1310  trout-ezra_kff06_dvd9_0016
trout_kff06_dvd9_1312 trout_kff06_dvd9_1318 trout_kff06_dvd9_1311
Trout Fishing in America

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