2007 Kerrville Folk Festival
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croce_kff07_dvd3_0062 croce_kff07_dvd3_0121  croce_kff07_dvd3_0068 croce_kff07_dvd3_0086 croce_kff07_dvd3_0097
  croce_kff07_dvd3_0119 croce_kff07_dvd3_0073 croce_kff07_dvd3_0111  
AJ Croce
duvekot_kff07_dvd7_0079 duvekot_kff07_dvd7_0089 duvekot_kff07_dvd7_0087
Antje Duvekot
foster_kff07_dvd9_6447 foster_kff07_dvd9_6438 foster-love_kff07_dvd9_0027 foster-love_kff07_dvd9_0033  foster_kff07_dvd9_6443
foster_kff07_dvd9_6460foster_kff07_dvd9_0012 foster_kff07_dvd9_6461 foster_kff07_dvd9_0009foster_kff07_dvd9_6451
Ruthie Foster w/ Laura Love

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