2007 Kerrville Folk Festival
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byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_0007 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_0008  byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_0017 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_0013 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_0023
byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_0019 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_5868 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_5859 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_5860 byrd-jones_kff07_dvd5_5865
Diana Jones and Jonathan Byrd
  chandler_kff07_dvd5_0027 chandler_kff07_dvd5_0028 chandler_kff07_dvd5_0035  
Chris Chandler
cox_kff07_dvd8_0066 cox_kff07_dvd8_0070 cox_kff07_dvd8_0116 cox_kff07_dvd8_0081 cox_kff07_dvd8_0092
cox_kff07_dvd8_0093 cox_kff07_dvd8_0061 cox_kff07_dvd8_0126 cox_kff07_dvd8_0112 cox_kff07_dvd8_0075
Ronny Cox w/ Jack Williams and Karen Mal
  duology_kff07_dvd5_5916 duology_kff07_dvd5_5925 duology_kff07_dvd5_5923  
Duology: Tree Brunelle (L) - Barry Coggins - Joseph Brunelle

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