2003 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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austin_kwmf03_cd2_0008 austin_kwmf03_cd2_0009 austin_kwmf03_cd2_0010 austin_kwmf03_cd2_0082 bluehouse_kwmf03_cd2_0002
Michael Austin The Bluehouse
bluehouse_kwmf03_cd2_0071 bluehouse_kwmf03_cd2_0074 bluehouse_kwmf03_cd2_0076 brooks_kwmf03_cd2_0028 brooks_kwmf03_cd2_0049
The Bluehouse Colin Brooks
butler_kwmf03_cd2_0002 butler_kwmf03_cd2_0012 byrd-brooks_kwmf03_cd2_0054 byrd-brooks_kwmf03_cd2_0087
Bett Butler Colin Brooks & Jonathan Byrd
byrd_kwmf03_cd2_0051 byrd_kwmf03_cd2_0053 byrd_kwmf03_cd2_0076 byrd_kwmf03_cd2_0036
Jonathan Byrd
earle-stuart_cd1_0055 earle-stuart_cd1_0048 earle-stuart_cd1_0053 earle-stuart_kwmf_cd1_0726
Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart
eberhardt_kwmf03_cd2_0017 eberhardt_kwmf03_cd2_0018
Cliff Eberhardt
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