2004 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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photo-freebo_kwm04_cd2_0039 photo-freebo_kwm04_cd2_0022 photo-freebo_kwm04_cd2_3586 photo-freebo_kwm04_cd2_3590 photo-freebo_kwm04_cd2_3587
Freebo (R) and Jim Photoglo
pyle_kwm04_cd2_0054 rafael_kwm04_cd1_3508 rafael-porterfield_3507 rafael_kwm04_cd1_0025 rafael_kwm04_cd1_0028
 Chuck Pyle Joel Rafael w/Don Porterfield
resentments_kwm04_cd2_0094 resentments_kwm04_cd2_0117 resentments_kwm04_cd2_0017 resentments_kwm04_cd2_0106 resentments_kwm04_cd2_0111
      resentments_kwm04_cd2_0092 resentments_kwm04_cd2_0114 resentments_kwm04_cd2_3603 resentments_kwm04_cd2_3598 resentments_kwm04_cd2_0121
The Resentments
 texmaniacs_kwm04_cd3_3778 texmaniacs_kwm04_cd4_0007 texmaniacs_kwm04_cd4_0010
Los Texmaniacs

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