2004 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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welch_kwm04_cd1_3480 welch_kwm04_cd1_3513 welch_kwm04_cd1_3529 welch_kwm04_cd1_3532 welch_kwm04_cd1_3533
welch_kwm04_cd1_3537 welch_kwm04_cd1_3541 welch_kwm04_cd1_3542 welch_kwm04_cd1_3547 welsh_kwm04_cd1_0035
 welsh_kwm04_cd1_0047 welsh_kwm04_cd1_0045 welsh_kwm04_cd1_0048
Kevin Welch w/ Dustin and Savannah Welch
white-medley_kwm04_cd2_0067 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_0094 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_3774 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_3765 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_0084
white-jr_kwm04_cd3_0092 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_0096 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_3772 white_kwm04_cd2_0062 white-jr_kwm04_cd3_0088
Josh White Jr. and Friends

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