2005 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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a'court_kwmf05_cd2_2737 a'court_kwmf05_cd2_2738 a'court_kwmf05_cd2_2741
Charlie A'Court
andersen_kwmf05_cd2_2731 andersen_kwmf05_cd2_2733 andersen_kwmf05_cd2_2724 andersen_kwmf05_cd2_2726
Matt Andersen
bridger-healing_kwmf05_cd4_0061 bridger-healing_kwmf05_cd4_0063 bridger-healing_kwmf05_cd4_0066 bridger-healing_kwmf05_cd4_0074
Bobby Bridger and Friends: Healing In The Wisdom
 cooper_kwmf05_cd4_2932 cooper_kwmf05_cd4_2942 cooper_kwmf05_cd4_2943
Dana Cooper
 davis_kwmf05_cd3_2884 davis_kwmf05_cd3_2871 davis_kwmf05_cd3_2881 davis_kwmf05_cd3_2867 davis_kwmf05_cd3_2870
John William Davis w/ Sean Kelly (R)
   gibson_kwmf05_cd2_2745  graham_kwmf05_cd2_2750 graham_kwmf05_cd2_2754
  Susan Gibson Jon Dee Graham

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