2005 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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grassy-knoll_kwm05_cd1_0013 grassy-knoll_kwm05_cd1_0015  grassy-knoll_kwm05_cd1_0023
Grassy Knoll Boys
keen_kwmf05_cd4_2980  greencards_kwmf05_cd4_0051  keen_kwmf05_cd4_2983 greencards_kwmf05_cd4_0055 keen_kwmf05_cd4_2978
The Greencards w/ Robert Earl Keen
 lafave_kwmf05_cd2_2762 lafave_kwmf05_cd2_2764 
Jimmy LaFave
mcarver_kwmf05_cd1_2576  mcarver_kwmf05_cd1_2581 mcarver_kwmf05_cd1_2590 mcarver_kwmf05_cd1_2578 mcarver_kwmf05_cd1_2595 mcarver_kwmf05_cd1_2575
Kimberley M'Carver
mcnevin_kwmf05_cd4_2906  mcnevin_kwmf05_cd4_2893 mcnevin_kwmf05_cd4_2905 mcnevin_kwmf05_cd4_2900 mcnevin_kwmf05_cd4_2907
Michael McNevin

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