2005 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
New Folk In-The-Round:  Sunday - September 4

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Host: Dalis Allen
cooper_kwmf05_cd3_2830 cooper_kwmf05_cd3_0045 cooper_kwmf05_cd3_2826
Cary Cooper w/ Tom Prasado-Rao
jones_kwmf05_cd3_2832 jones_kwmf05_cd3_2849
Southpaw Jones
klyma_kwmf05_cd3_2843 klyma_kwmf05_cd3_2823
Greg Klyma
 reynolds_kwmf05_cd3_2837 reynolds_kwmf05_cd3_2853 reynolds_kwmf05_cd3_2854
Jenny Reynolds

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