2006 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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kimmel_01_2278 kimmel-dewitt_01_2202 kimmel-dewitt_01_2282 kimmel_01_2267 kimmel_01_2270
Tom Kimmel w/ Kristin deWitt
lewis_02_2471 lewis_02_2477 lewis-pearcy_02_2465 lewis_02_2473 lewis_02_2474
lewis_02_2475 lewis_02_2476 lewis_02_2481 lewis_02_2478 lewis_02_2480
Zoe Lewis w/ Paul Pearcy
 lille_02_2459 lille_02_2463
Michael Lille
nygaard_01_2295 nygaard_01_2296 nygaard_01_2302 nygaard_01_2291 nygaard_01_2293
 Claudia Nygaard
pettis_04_2650 pettis_04_2661 pettis_04_2647 pettis_04_2639 pettis_04_2670
Pearce Pettis w/ Dirje Smith

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