2006 Kerrville Wine and Music Festival
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prasada-rao_02_2497 prasada-rao_02_2258 prasada-rao_02_2487 prasada-rao_02_2509 prasada-rao_02_2491
prasada-rao_02_2510 prasada-rao_02_2483 prasada-rao_02_2500 prasada-rao-rosser_02_2505
 prasada-rao_02_2513 prasada-rao_02_2484 prasada-rao_02_2520
Tom Prasada-Rao and Friends
sherpas_01_2328 sherpas_01_2212 sherpas_01_2329 sherpas_01_2335
sherpas_01_2342 sherpas-pearcey_01_2363 sherpas_01_2346 sherpas_01_2347
sherpas_01_2348 sherpas_01_2354 sherpas_01_2356
The Sherpas w/ Paul Pearcy
smith-sahara_01_2256 smith-sahara_01_2237 smith-sahara_01_2234 smith-sahara_01_2239 smith-sahara_01_2244
smith-sahara_01_2246 smith-sahara_01_2249 smith-sahara_01_2250 smith-sahara_01_2251 smith-sahara_01_2252
Sahara Smith

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