2007 Kerrville Wine & Music Festival
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barris_kwmf07_dvd2_7967_1 barris_kwmf07_dvd2_7977 barris_kwmf07_dvd2_7971 barris_kwmf07_dvd2_7979
Sally Barris
belleville-forsyth_2_8072 belleville-hunt_2_8062 belleville_kwmf07_dvd2_0030 belleville-teter_2_8028
Connor Forsyth (L) - Phoebe Hunt - Rob Teter
 belleville-hood_2_8042 belleville-konya_2_8054 belleville-brown_2_8036
Marshall Hood (L) - Jonathan Konya - Jeff Brown
The Belleville Outfit
forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8106 forsyth-landin_2_8120 forsyth-hooper_2_8163
Guy Forsyth (L) - Rob Hooper - Will Landin
forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8115 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8124 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8127 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8132 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_0047
forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8141 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8149 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_0052 forsyth_kwmf07_dvd2_8158
Guy Forsyth
fure_3_8223 fure_3_8225   jacobs-strain_3_8244 jacobs-strain_3_8227
Tret Fure   David Jacobs-Strain

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