2007 Kerrville Wine & Music Festival
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lewis_2_8081 lewis-morgan_2_8089   lewis-shay_kwmf07_dvd2_8097 lewis-pearcy_2_8086
Zoe Lewis Butch Morgan   Michael Shay Paul Pearcy
lewis_2_8078 lewis_2_8082 lewis_2_0036 lewis_2_8094 lewis_2_8095
Zoe Lewis and Friends
mcdonnell_kwmf07_dvd1_7738 mcdonnell_kwmf07_dvd1_7746 mcdonnell_kwmf07_dvd1_7748 mcdonnell_kwmf07_dvd1_7759
Kate McDonnell
olney_kwmf07_dvd2_8008 olney_kwmf07_dvd2_8005 olney_kwmf07_dvd2_8027 olney_kwmf07_dvd2_8009
 olney_kwmf07_dvd2_8019 olney-webb_kwmf07_dvd2_8025 olney_kwmf07_dvd2_8011 olney-webb_kwmf07_dvd2_8012
David Olney (L) w/ Sergio Webb

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