2007 Kerrville Wine & Music Festival
New Folk in the Round

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nfitr-clifford_3_8171 nfitr-clifford_3_8177 nfitr-clifford_3_0013 nfitr-clifford_3_8173 nfitr-clifford_3_8176_1
K.C. Clifford w/ Dana Clifford
  nfitr-kendrick_3_8169 nfitr-kendrick_3_8219 nfitr-kendrick_3_8206 nfitr-kendrick_3_8215
Charlotte Kendrick
  nfitr-stoddard_3_8205 nfitr-stoddard_3_8166 nfitr-stoddard_3_8181 nfitr-stoddard_3_8200
Dave Stoddard

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