2009 Kerrville Wine & Music Festival
Wine Seminar - Host: John Bratcher
Texas Ports

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  wine1-allen_kwmf09_dvd2_0019 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0053 wine-bratcher_kwmf09_dvd2_2624  
  Wine Empress:
Dalis Allen
Wine Staff Wine Host:
John Bratcher
 wine-gilstrap_kwmf09_dvd2_2622 wine-hyman_kwmf09_dvd2_2616  wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0052 wine-stone_kwmf09_dvd2_2605  wine-warren_kwmf09_dvd2_2620
Gary Gilstrap Mark Hyman   Steve Stone Steve Warren
wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0021 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0024  wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0029 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0026  wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0027
 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0051 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0028 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0040 wine1_kwmf09_dvd2_0033 wine-warren-betty_kwmf09_dvd2_2626

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