2005 Marble Falls Music Festival
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auld_mfmf05_cd3_1605 auld_mfmf05_cd3_1607 blakely_mfmf05_cd2_1489 blakely_mfmf05_cd2_1495 blakely_mfmf05_cd2_1498
Audrey Auld Mike Blakely
crouch_mfmf05_cd1_1435 crouch_mfmf05_cd1_1465 crouch_mfmf05_cd1_1470 derailers_mfmf05_cd3_1610 derailers_mfmf05_cd3_1612
Randy Crouch The Derailers
elliott_mfmf05_cd2_1528 elliott_mfmf05_cd2_1524 elliott_mfmf05_cd2_1521 elliott_mfmf05_cd2_1533 elliott_mfmf05_cd2_1535
Ronny Elliott
ely_mfmf05_cd3_1687 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1688 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1689 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1716 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1696
ely_mfmf05_cd3_1697 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1710 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1692 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1711 ely_mfmf05_cd3_1717
Joe Ely with Joel Guzman
 gaines-mal_mfmf05_cd3_1581 gaines-mal_mfmf05_cd3_1588 gaines-mal_mfmf05_cd3_1601 gaines-mal_mfmf05_cd3_1578 gaines-mal_mfmf05_cd3_1594
Ken Gaines (L) and Karen Mal with Wayne Wilkerson

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