2003 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
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farm-couple_oibf03_cd1_0029 farm-couple_oibf03_cd1_0030 farm-couple_oibf03_cd4_1970 gambetta-crary_cd1__0007 gambetta_oibf03_cd1_0008
The Farm Couple Beppe Gambetta & Dan Crary Beppe Gambetta
gambetta-or_oibf03_cd2_0069 gambetta-or_oibf03_cd2_0073 high-ground_cd1__0011 high-ground_cd1__0010 hendrix-brewer-sheer_1941
Beppe Gambetta at Guthrie Junior High High Ground Hendrix-Brewer & Sheer
hillman-gilstrap_2010 hillman_oibf03_cd3_1808 hillman_oibf03_cd5_2006 hillman_oibf03_cd3_0108 hillman_oibf03_cd3_1804
Chris Hillman w/Sally Gilstrap (L)


jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0074 jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0075 jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0113 jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0077 jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0076 jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0072
jbgb_oibf03_cd4_1947 jbgb_oibf03_cd2_0073 jbgb_oibf03_cd1_0028 jbgb_oibf03_cd4_1946 jbgb_oibf03_cd4_1945 jbgb_oibf03_cd4_1948
The Japanese Bluegrass Band
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