2003 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
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perkins_oibf03_cd1_0016 perkins_oibf03_cd1_0021 perkins_oibf03_cd1_0014 perkins_oibf03_cd1_0015 roots_oibf03_cd1006a
Al Perkins Scenic Roots
rdr_oibf03_cd1_0005 rdr_oibf03_cd1_0006
The Red Dirt Rangers
scruggs-finale_cd5_0003 scruggs-hillman_cd5_0001 scruggs_oibf03_cd5_2043 scruggs_oibf03_cd5_2023 scruggs-hillman_cd5_0002
Earl Scruggs and Friends
scruggs_oibf03_cd5_2032 scruggs_oibf03_cd5_2029   scruggs_oibf03_cd5_2028 scruggs_oibf03_cd5_2038

Earl Scruggs

spurgin_oibf03_cd1_0026 spurgin-or_oibf03_cd2_0094 spurgin_oibf03_cd4_1901 thrift_oibf03_cd2_0148 thrift_oibf03_cd2_0149
Steve Spurgin at Guthrie Upper Elementary (Middle) Phil and Eve Thrift
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