2003 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
Bluegrass Bedlam Contest: OU versus OSU

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bg-bedlam-judges_cd5_0067 bg-bedlam_oibf03_cd5_0045 bg-bedlam_oibf_cd5_0053
The Judges - The Trophy
bg-bedlam-osu_oibf_cd4_1978 bg-bedlam-osu_oibf_cd5_0048 bg-bedlam-osu_oibf_cd5_0066
OSU Band
bg-bedlam-ou_oibf_cd5_0056 bg-bedlam-ou_oibf_cd5_0051 bg-bedlam-ou_oibf_cd4_1976
OU Band
And The Winner Is -- For The Second Consecutive Year: OSU!!

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