2003 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
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berline-award_cd2_0103 berline-elam_oibf_cd4_1983 berline-perkins_cd1_0031 berline_oibf03_cd1_0030 crary-fans_cd2_0107
fans-rain_oibf03_cd4_1960 fans-rain_oibf03_cd4_1966 fans-rain_oibf03_cd5_0040 fans_oibf03_cd2_0115 fans_oibf03_cd2_0127
fiddle-ws_oibf03_cd2_0103 fiddle-ws_oibf03_cd2_0104 other_oibf03_cd1_0022 hillman-bryson_03_cd2_0144 jamming_oibf03_cd3_0057
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