2003 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
Youth Band Competition

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Host: Kim Tucker
yc-blaik_oibf03_cd4_1874 yc-judges_oibf03_cd5_0023  
Judges: Bill Blaik (L) - Jim Garling -  Ron Mashore
 yc-awards_oibf03_cd5_0033  yc-obrian_oibf03_cd5_0020
First Place Winners: Kyle and Maura O'Brian
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yc-ventresca_03_cd4_1894 yc-awards_oibf03_cd5_0029 yc-awards_oibf03_cd5_0031 yc-roe_oibf03_cd4_1879
Nicholas Ventresca Brian Roe
yc-roots_oibf03_cd5_0003 yc-awards_oibf03_cd5_0032
Scenic Roots: Erin and Amber Rogers

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