2007 Old Settler's Music Festival
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The Bluegrass Believers
 borges_osmf07_dvd4_0028  borges_osmf07_dvd4_0018  borges-fans_dvd4_5505  borges_osmf07_dvd4_0029 borges_osmf07_dvd4_0044
borges_osmf07_dvd4_0039  borges_osmf07_dvd4_5503 borges_osmf07_dvd4_5497
borges_osmf07_dvd4_0045 borges_osmf07_dvd4_5495 borges_osmf07_dvd4_0042 borges_osmf07_dvd4_0043
Sarah Borges
  bush_osmf07_dvd2_0116 bush_osmf07_dvd2_5232 bush_osmf07_dvd2_5235 bush_osmf07_dvd2_0123
Sam Bush 
clas-grass_osmf07_dvd2_0024 clas-grass_osmf07_dvd2_5179 clas-grass_osmf07_dvd3_0016
Classical Grass

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