Down From The Mountain Tour - July 20, 2002
Smirnoff Music Centre: Dallas, Texas

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blake_dftm_7-20-02_0001 block_dftm_7-20-02_0001 cox-stanley_0001 cox_dftm_7-20-02_0001 cox_dftm_smirnoff_0105
Norman & Nancy Blake Ron Block (L) Ron Block-Willard Cox &
Dr. Ralph Stanley
The Cox Family (L) Barry Bales
     Willard Cox
crowell_dftm_smirnoff_0001 crowell_dftm_smirnoff_0002 dftm_0031 dftm_7-20-02_0001 dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0001
Rodney Crowell Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski Nashville Bluegrass Band
dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0002 dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0003 dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0004 dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0005 dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0006
Emmylou-Patty-Alison Dr. Ralph Stanley & Friends
dftm_smirnoff_7-20-02_0007 douglas_dftm_7-20-02_0001 douglas_dftm_7-20-02_0002 harris_dftm_smirnoff_0001 harris_dftm_smirnoff_0002
Dr. Ralph Stanley & Friends Jerry Douglas Emmylou Harris
flatlanders_dftm_7-20-02_00 king_dftm_7-20-02_0001 king_dftm_7-20-02_0002 king_dftm_7-20-02_0003
The Flatlanders Chris Thomas King

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