2002 Kerrville Folk Festival
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adams_kff02_cd2_7402 adams-parnell_cd2_0018 adams-parnell_cd2_0037 aiken_kff02_cd1_7371 aiken_kff02_cd1_7366 bissex_kff02_cd1_7273
Jay Boy Adams Caroline Aiken Rachel Bissex
cleaves_kff02_cd3_7536 cleaves-brown_cd3_0085  cleaves_kff02_cd3_0082 cleaves-plankenhorn_7532 cleaves-whitmore_cd3_7513 clark-jane_kff02_cd1_7339
Slaid Cleaves Ian Brown Jeff Plankenhorn Eleanore
Jane Clark
dogwood-moon_kff02_cd1_7136 fingerett_kff02_cd2_7444 goose-creek_kff02_cd2_0048 fromholz_kff02_cd1_7358 hickory-hill_kff02_cd4_0032 hickory-hill_kff02_cd4_0034
Dogwood Moon Sally Fingerett Goose Creek Symphony Steve Fromholz Hickory Hill
hearne_kff02_cd1_7335 hearne_kff02_cd1_7343 hearne-odessa_cd1_7347 hinojosa_kff02_cd3_7496 hinojosa_kff02_cd3_7500
Bill and Bonnie Hearne w/ Odessa Tish Hinojosa
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