2002 Kerrville Folk Festival
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johnsmith_kff02_cd1_0005 johnsmith_kff02_cd1_7281 johnsmith_kff02_cd1_7283 limpopo_kff02_cd4_0059 limpopo_kff02_cd4_0064
Johnsmith Limpopo
keelaghan_kff02_cd2_7395 michaels_kff02_cd1_7265 moore_kff02_cd2_7389 moore_kff02_cd2_7391 morrissey_kff02_cd2_7378
James Keelaghan Jon Michaels Ian Moore Bill Morrissey
newcomer_kff02_cd4_0056 newcomer_kff02_cd4_7640 pied-pumkin_kff02_cd1_0013 rafael_kff02_cd3_0032 rafael_kff02_cd3_7476
Carrie Newcomer Pied Pumkin Joel Rafael Band Joel Rafael
rafael_kff02_cd3_7468 rafael_kff02_cd3_7469 rafael_kff02_cd3_7473 rafael_kff02_cd3_7475  rafael_kff02_cd3_7463
Carl Johnson Jeff Berkley Jamaica Morgaine Rafael
scoldies_kff02_cd3_0102 scoldies_kff02_cd3_7540 seskin_kff02_cd4_7627
The Scoldies Steve Seskin
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