2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
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jab-trout_kff03_cd14_9374 jab-trout_kff03_cd14_9375 jab-trout_kff03_cd14_9377 jab-trout_kff03_cd14_9379 james_kff03_cd2_0059 james_kff03_cd2_0061
Tom Burris & Jabbering Trout Seth James w/ Philip Tom
jonas_kff03_cd16_9542 jonas_kff03_cd16_9543 jonas_kff03_cd16_9551 lafave_kff03_cd14_0015 lafave_kff03_cd14_9419
Billy Jonas & Friends Jimmy LaFave
joseph_kff03_cd1__0012 joseph_kff03_cd1__0013 joseph_kff03_cd1__0009 lewis_kff03_cd9_8514 lewis-divas_kff03_cd9_8505 lewis_kff03_cd9_8524
Brian Joseph Zoe Lewis w/ Road Dog Divas
lamotte_kff03_cd14_9363 lamotte_kff03_cd14_9367 lamotte_kff03_cd14_9357 lamotte_kff03_cd14_9353
David LaMotte w/ Karen Mal
mammals_kff03_cd1__0046 mammals_kff03_cd1__7751 mcguire_kff03_cd9_8547 mcguire_kff03_cd9_8555
Tao Rodriguez-Seeger & The Mammals Barry McGuire
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