2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
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minstrels_kff03_cd9_0020 morales_kff03_cd10_8910 morales_kff03_cd10_8918 new-middle-class_cd9_0006
Randy Sparks & The Minstrels w/ 
Barry McGuire
Sisters Morales New Middle Class
nicholson_kff03_cd2_0040 nicholson_kff03_cd2_0042 nicholson_kff03_cd2_0043 nicholson_kff03_cd2_0051 nicholson_kff03_cd2_7778 nicholson-chris_cd2_0056
Gary Nicholson & Friends
oliver_kff03_cd1__0023 oliver_kff03_cd1__7708 oliver_kff03_cd1__7719 oliver_kff03_cd1__7724
Bill Oliver & Friends
parnell_kff03_cd2_0092 parnell_kff03_cd2_0096 parnell_kff03_cd2_0100 parnell_kff03_cd2_0102 parnell_kff03_cd2_0103
Leroy Parnell (Foreground) w/ Rob Roy Parnell
parnell-rr_kff03_cd2_0074 parnell-rr-adams_cd2_7811 paul_kff03_cd10_8864 paul_kff03_cd10_8874 paul_kff03_cd10_8881
Rob Roy Parnell w/ (L) Jay Boy Adams & Leroy Parnell Ellis Paul
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