2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
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trout_kff03_cd12_9205 trout-bogert_cd12_9186 trout-bogert_cd12_0013 trout_kff03_cd12_0016 trout_kff03_cd12_9166
Trout Fishing in America w/ Fred Bogert
waybacks_kff03_cd10_8683 waybacks_kff03_cd10_8687 waybacks_kff03_cd10_8703 waybacks_kff03_cd10_8691   waybacks_kff03_cd10_8700 waybacks_kff03_cd10_8692
The Waybacks
werner_kff03_cd3_0049 williams_kff03_cd7_8360 walker_kff03_cd5_8152 yarrow_kff03_cd7_8340 yarrow_kff03_cd7_8331
Susan Werner Jack Williams Django Walker Bethany & Peter Yarrow
yarrow-kids_cd7_0054 yarrow-kids_cd7_0057 yarrow-kids_cd7_0058 yarrow-kids_cd7_0059 yarrow-kids_cd7_0067
Bethany Yarrow - Peter Yarrow - Noel Paul Stookey w/ The Kids of Kerrville
yarrow-stookey_cd7_0048 yarrow-stookey_cd7_0049
 Noel Paul Stookey - Bethany Yarrow - Peter Yarrow   
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