2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
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scoldies_kff03_cd2_0021 scoldies_kff03_cd2_0019 scoldies_kff03_cd2_0015 scoldies_kff03_cd2_7759 scoldies_kff03_cd2_0022
The Scoldies
sherpas-kimmel_cd7_8372 sherpas-lille_cd7_8375 sherpas-prasada-rao_8382
The Sherpes
shamblin_kff03_cd5_8125 shamblin_kff03_cd5_8130 so_kff03_cd14_9364 so-taylor_kff03_cd14_9366 sonia_kff03_cd12_9143 sonia_kff03_cd12_9154
Allen Shamblin Kevin So w/ Stephen Taylor Sonia
sparks_kff03_cd9_8549 sparks_kff03_cd9_8550 sparks_kff03_cd9_8558 suchy_kff03_cd16_9568
Randy Sparks Chuck Suchy
stookey_kff03_cd7_8285 stookey_kff03_cd7_8311 stookey_kff03_cd7_8314 stookey_kff03_cd7_8321 taylor_kff03_cd7_8299 taylor_kff03_cd7_8304
Noel Paul Stookey Eric Taylor
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