2004 Kerrville Folk Festival
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rowan_kff04_cd5_0500 schwartz_kff04_cd3_0044 schwartz_kff04_cd3_0054 schwartz_kff04_cd3_0058 schwartz_kff04_cd3_0060
Lorin and Chris Rowan Eric Schwartz
spicer_kff04_cd3_0115 spicer_kff04_cd3_0116 subdudes_kff04_cd13_0006 subdudes_kff04_cd13_0008 taylor_kff04_cd4_0052
Amilia Spicer The Subdudes Eric Taylor
two-high-jarosz_cd4_0159 two-high_kff04_cd4_0140 valdy_kff04_cd12_1043 valdy_kff04_cd12_1052 vanzandt_kff04_cd4_0017
Two High String Band w/ Sara Jarosz Valdy JT VanZandt
vanzandt_kff04_cd4_0021 vanzandt_kff04_cd4_0023 vanzandt_kff04_cd4_0024 vanzandt_kff04_cd4_0026 vanzandt_kff04_cd4_0026a
JT VanZandt

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