2006 Kerrville Folk Festival
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kennedy_kff06_dvd10_0024_1 kennedy_kff06_dvd10_0025 kennedy_kff06_dvd10_0027
Producer: Rod Kennedy - Kerrville Folk Festival Founder
amram_kff06_dvd10_1374 amram_kff06_dvd10_0083 amram_kff06_dvd10_1375 amram_kff06_dvd10_0082 amram_kff06_dvd10_0066
Conductor: David Amram
Empress Dalis Allen Welcomes David to the Stage
albert-gage_kff06_dvd10_0084 albert-gage_kff06_dvd10_1457  amram_kff06_dvd10_1389 albert-gage_kff06_dvd10_1461  albert-gage_kff06_dvd10_0090
Christine Albert and Chris Gage
amram_kff06_dvd10_0047 amram_kff06_dvd10_0051 amram_kff06_dvd10_0048 
David Amram
bridger_kff06_dvd10_0117 bridger_kff06_dvd10_0097 bridger_kff06_dvd10_0098 bridger_kff06_dvd10_0101 bridger_kff06_dvd10_0116
Bobby Bridger
 byrd_kff06_dvd10_0030 byrd_kff06_dvd10_1381 byrd_kff06_dvd10_1383 byrd_kff06_dvd10_0038
Jonathan Byrd

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