2003 Kerrville Folk Festival
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   photoglo_kff03_cd4_7920 photoglo-freebo_cd4_7913 photoglo_kff03_cd4_7924 purpose_kff03_cd7_8268
Jim Photoglo w/ Freebo Darryl Purpose
potatoes_kff03_cd16_9520 potatoes_kff03_cd16_9522 potatoes_kff03_cd15_0006 potatoes_kff03_cd16_9516
Small Potatoes w/ Mr. Potato Head (Third From Left)
resentments_kff03_cd4_8047 resentments-bruton_cd4_8031 resentments_kff03_cd4_8011 resentments_kff03_cd4_8019 resentments_kff03_cd4_8036
The Resentments
roth_kff03_cd4_7940 roth_kff03_cd4_7929 roth_kff03_cd4_7937 roth_kff03_cd4_7939 rowan_kff03_cd12_9172 rowan_kff03_cd12_9201
David Roth Peter Rowan
russell-sxsw_kff03_cd3_0077 russell-sxsw_kff03_cd3_0081 russell-sxsw_kff03_cd3_0083 sa-jugband_kff03_cd9_0009 schwartz_kff03_cd3_0026 schwartz_kff03_cd3_7834
Shake Russell & SXSW South Austin Jug Band Eric Schwartz w/ Secret Asian Man
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